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Building Permit Information

Quick Info

For quick information on permit requirements for common projects, please see the Small Project Permit Guidelines. Examples of common projects include:

Fences Driveways
Decks Pools
Windows Sheds
Patios/Sidewalks Fire Pits
Roofs Siding
Solar Panels
Water Heaters

A building permit does not include approval for site plans, grading, or other civil engineering matters. Please seek other permit approval as applicable.

Other Permits

Public Works / Engineering permit may be required for your project before getting a building permit if it impacts public utilities, disturbs the public right-of-way, or includes site work / grading.

Elevator permits are processed through a different program than described below. Please see the Elevator Permits page for more information.

HOA / Rentals

If applicable to your property, a letter of approval from your HOA and the property owner are required documents you will need to submit in the application portal.

Applications & Plan Reviews

Please use Google Chrome for accessing applications in the permit software, CommunityCore.

Once your application materials are completely submitted, SAFEbuilt will review the plans (up to 5 business days for residential permits and 10 business days for commercial permits), and they will contact you if they need any clarifications or additional info.

If the plan reviewer does not approve for any reason and you are required to resubmit, you must log-into your CommunityCore account and ensure you select "Resubmit Plans / Respond to Comments" to upload new files.

After your plans are approved, the permit fees will be assessed in your CommunityCore account. Please pay through CommunityCore or at Village Hall.

Once payment has been received, SAFEbuilt will issue the permit and the inspection card. They will be available in your CommunityCore account in the Documents menu under "System-Generated" for viewing/printing. Please ensure the permit is posted in plain view on your jobsite at all times during construction. Contact SAFEbuilt if you cannot find the permit documents.


Please obtain a permit before scheduling work to be done. There may be pre-work inspections required.

Your required inspections will be posted in your CommunityCore account. Please reach out to SAFEbuilt if you have questions about your inspections or if you cannot see them.

You may schedule inspections using CommunityCore or through contacting SAFEbuilt.


After your plans are approved, the permit fees will be assessed in your CommunityCore account. Please pay through CommunityCore or at Village Hall.

Schedule of Building Permit Fees
Schedule of Residential Transition, Impact, and Connection Fees
Schedule of Commercial Connection Fees

Note that fees may differ from the above schedules in certain developments controlled by separate agreements.

Contact Information

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