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Waste Management At Your Door

Waste Management, Inc., in partnership with the Village of Hampshire, is proud to offer the "At Your Door" recycling program to all residential customers in the Village.  This new service will allow our residents to recycle hazardous materials with Waste Management from the convenience of their homes.  By simply calling (800) 449-7587 our residents will be able to set up a time and date for Waste Management to come to their home and pick up items such as:

- Automotive Products like Antifreeze, batteries, brake fluid, motor oil, etc.
- Household Cleaners like Ammonia,  heavy-duty cleaners, rust remover, etc.
- Electronics like TV's (tube TV's included) VCR's, Printers, etc.
- Paint Products like paint, caulk, glue, stain, etc.
- Sharps, needles, and lancets
- Mercury-containing items  like light bulbs

The cost of this program will be included in your bi-monthly water, sewer, and trash bill for $1.40 a month. 

You can set up as many pick ups as you need, and can recycle as many items as you need.  For more information on the program visit

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