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Online Bill Payment

Village AutoPay

For your convenience, the Village offers a free, automatic bill-payment program. Unlike paying through your online banking where your bank mails out a check, this program is done electronically. The amount due for the the billing cycle will be automatically withdrawn on the due date from a bank account you designate on our form. This program is safe, avoids late fees, and saves time. Simply complete the AutoPay application, and you will be signed up.

After you submit the AutoPay application, please continue to pay as you have been while your application is processed. You will know that your account has been set-up for AutoPay when the bill you receive has the phrase "Auto Payment Applied" on the portion of the bill that you would normally retain. The remittance portion of the bill will also have an acknowledgment of the automatic payment, with the term "Auto Payment" appearing on the statement.

If the Village is unable to debit your banking account due to insufficient funds, account closed, or other problems at the stated financial institution, the Village will assess you a $10 fee. Additional fees may apply. If you need to change your bank account that the payment is withdrawn from, contact Village Hall, and a customer service representative will help you.

Illinois E-Pay

The Village of Hampshire is also pleased to offer E-Pay, the State of Illinois online bill payment feature for utility bills (water, sewer, garbage). E-Pay allows residents to pay for water bills or parking tickets online. You will be able to use credit or debit cards. Click here to be connected to E-Pay.