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Permit Application Requirements

This document is available to view in PDF format.Building Permit Application Packet and This document is available to view in PDF format.Form - For all types of work.

Submit two (2) full size (i.e. not reduced) sets of certified plans for one and two family dwellings; Four (4) sets of certified plans for all other (commercial or industrial)

State total number of square feet per floor; total gross floor area (include non-habitable space). Provide this information for each floor, including basement.

Height: from grade to the center line of the roof as measured along the front of the building.

For miscellaneous permits, a detailed drawing that clearly shows your plans for construction will be acceptable.

Submit proof of (where applicable):
  • Electrician (name and address)
  • Plumber (name, address and state license number)
  • General Contractor (name and address)
  • Mechanical Contractor (name and address)
  • Demolition Contractor ((name and address)

A plat of survey shall be submitted detailing the foundation location (including process, decks, etc.) and lot grading in accordance with the approved subdivision grading plan and setbacks for front, rear and side yards required for zoning. Additional review exists, such as substantial acreage draining across the property.

Village Ordinance Book