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Village Board of Trustees Agendas and Minutes

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List of all Village Board meeting dates in 2024.

For agendas and minutes of the current standing committees of the Village Board, see the following webpages:
Budget Committee
Public Relations Committee
Public Works Committee

For agendas and minutes of former standing committees that have been dissolved, see the following webpages:
Economic Development Committee
Fields and Trails Committee
Finance Committee
Planning and Zoning Committee
Public Safety Committee
Village Services Committee

Public Attendance & Comments

Public comment is meant to allow for expression of opinion on, or for inquiry regarding, public affairs but is not meant for debate with the board or its members. Good order and proper decorum shall always be maintained.

To address the board in-person with public comments, a person must register prior to the time the "Public Comment" agenda Item is reached in the ordinary course of business at the meeting by signing with name on a sheet designated for such purpose and located in the meeting room.

Whenever remote attendance is allowed, a person wishing to attend a meeting by video or teleconference must notify the Village Clerk by email with such request in order to receive a link to participate. In the same email request, the person may also sign up for public comment and may submit a written statement.

Written statements that accompany remote public comments may be attached to the meeting minutes upon the request of the person speaking.

The board will allow each person who is properly registered to speak a maximum time of five (5) minutes, provided the chair may reduce the maximum time to three (3) minutes before public comments begin if more than five (5) persons have registered to speak.


Please note that all meetings held by videoconference may be recorded, and all recordings will be made public. While State Law does not required consent, by requesting an invitation, joining the meeting by link or streaming, all participants acknowledge and consent to their image and voice being recorded and made available for public viewing.


The Village of Hampshire, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, requests that persons with disabilities, who require certain accommodations to allow them to observe and/or participate in the meeting(s) or have questions about the accessibility of the meeting(s) or facilities, contact the Village at 847-683-2181 to allow the Village to make reasonable accommodations for these persons.

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