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Streets Department Policies and Programs

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50/50 Tree Planting

The Village of Hampshire, in a joint effort with the residents of the Village, has created a 50/50 Parkway Tree Planting Program. This program is based on a cooperative agreement whereby the Village will contribute up to half the cost to purchase and plant a new tree(s) (up to $150 per tree) with the homeowner paying the remaining costs. Read more about the 50/50 Tree Planting Program, and access the application.

Sidewalk Reimbursement Program

By Village Code (Ch. 9-1-4), the Village of Hampshire Board of Trustees will consider applications for reimbursement for one-third (1/3) of project cost to replace any sidewalk. All public sidewalks are eligible. To participate in this program, please complete the online application.

Pothole Policy

The Streets Department is committed to proper maintenance of all streets in the village. Read about the department's Pothole Policy to learn about the department's process and how to file an insurance claim.

Snow and Ice Control

The purpose of this program is to provide safe travel throughout the village and cost effective clearing and removal of ice and snow from village streets and parking lots. Every storm is unique due to rate and accumulation of snowfall, moisture content and temperature during and after the storm. While a plan does exist and there is a standard method of operation, there must be flexibility within the plan to account the variations with the individual events. Read more about Snow and Ice Control.

Mailbox Replacement Policy

Snow Plow Ride Along Program

The Village of Hampshire offers a free ride along program for residents at least 18 years old. Read more about the Snow Plow Ride Along Program.

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