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Utility Information 

Hampshire has newly built water facilities with ample capacity for your business.
·  4 elevated storage tanks capable of storing a combined 5 million gallons of water.
·  4 wells capable of producing 3,600 gallons per minute.
·  3 water treatment plants capable of producing 5 million gallons per day.
·  Average daily water use is only 600,000 gallons per day.

Waste Water Treatment
Hampshire has a recently constructed waste water treatment plant with ample capacity for years to come.
·  State of the art wastewater treatment plant capable of treating a max flow of 6.90 million gallons a day.
·  Average daily flow is 1 million gallons a day.      

Natural Gas - Electricity - Telecommunications
Gas Supplier: NICOR
Electric Supplier: COM ED
Local Telephone Supplier: AT&T
Digital Switching: YES
High Speed Internet Options: YES
Long Distances Carriers: AT&T, SPRINT, MCI

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