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About our Hampshire Business Commissions

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BDCLogo-(1).jpgThe Village of Hampshire has two business advisory boards to help attract and retain businesses within the village. The Business Development Commission (BDC) works with the community to identify and attract key businesses, as well as recommends infrastructure and ordinance improvements. The Economic Development Committee (EDC) works with new businesses that approach the village from inception all the way to opening. 

Business Development Commission

Chairman: Trustee – Ryan Krajecki
Members: David Pizzolato, Susie Kopacz, Eileen Fleury, Mike Armato and Ian Lamp

The Hampshire Business Development Commission is committed to attracting and retaining quality businesses for the Village in order to diversify the local economy, enhance the community's image, create new employment opportunities and provide additional services and resources for our residents.
Our work will always look to improve the quality of life for our residents, enhance our sense of community and preserve the integrity of our Village’s heritage. 

This commission meets at 6:30pm, the second Wednesday of the month.
Economic Development Committee

Chairman: Trustee - Mike Reid
Members: Trustee - Toby Koth & Trustee - Jan Kraus

The Economic Development Committee is an advisory, volunteer group that is appointed by the Village President and confirmed by the Village Board. They are here to assist you through the village processes and requirements for businesses that are in the early stages of planning or currently building within the village. Click on the Contact Us link on the left and fill out the form to be contacted.